I'm so stoked you’ve made it this far. These websites can be a lot, but you’re still here. It means you want to know me! Well, what can I tell you?

I’ve had a life full of great things - love, loss, beauty, and lots of change. I know just how short life can be, and because of that I’m so excited to capture you and your loved ones together. I feel a deep connection to people, and through my own relationships as well as my work, I give my everything in it all. I've been known to shed a tear or 6 during wedding days (nothing says classy photographer like running mascara). I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS, OK!

I’m drawn to the strange, the off-the-wall, the non-traditional love. If you're waiting for a sign to do things your way, this is it! Let's break the rules, buck tradition, and do something unexpected that feels like it's completely you.

At the end of the day, I'm a gatherer of memories and those moments in time where you’re at your best, with your best. I'll document your world and give it back to you, sprinkled with my own magic dust, so you can always remember how it all really felt.


I'm Katie!

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Love is love. I stand with our LGBTQI+ communities and wholeheartedly believe in the equality of all BIPOC lives.